Products: Coextrusion feedblocks

Farcon’s coextrusion feedblocks mainly differ in coextrusion feedblocks at fixed geometry and coextrusion feedblocks at variable geometry.
Here following the overview of different types:


Coextrusion feedblocks at fixed geometry

Farcon’s coextrusion feedblocks at fixed geometry can be:
- at variable structure, thanks to a lamellar distributor that splits the structure into small layers.
The stratification may also be obtained by interchangeable distribution plates (out of axis or with blocking wedge) by means of which you get different structures.

with lamellar distributor


- at fixed geometry, simple or at drawers, 2-5 ways / 2-5 layers.

at drawers



Coextrusion feedblocks at variable geometry

Farcon’s coextrusion feedblocks at variable geometry and variable structure are equipped with devices that allow the change of the percentage of coextruded material according to the production needs. With these coextrusion feedblocks the changes of the structure may be very quick by replacing the selector plug.

1 to 7 layers 6 distribution pins

1 to 3 layers 2 distribution pins