Products: Continuous screen-change filters

Farcon produces continuous screen-change filters that during the filtration of the melted material ensure a continuous flow of the polymer, to avoid interruptions and downtimes and to get a quality product.

Farcon’s CONTINUOUS SCREEN-CHANGE FILTERS are characterized by:

  • 2/3 filtering nets
  • hydraulic control system
  • heating: electric by means of cartridge heaters or diathermic oil
  • size: 45/70/90/120/160/200

Table of sizes and technical characteristics FARCON’s screen-change filters


Examples of realized screen-change filters

FCF 45/2 ways

FCF 120/2 ways

FCF 160/3 ways

FCF 200/2 ways

FCF 200/4 ways
(special executions following Customer’s instructions)

FCF 160/3 ways self-cleaning
(special executions following Customer’s instructions)