Products: Polymers extrusion gear pumps

Gear pumps are used for the metering of the polymer. Farcon’s pumps are designed and manufactured to operate at high temperatures. The temperature of the polymer is kept constant by means of a heating system with electric cartridge heaters or with circulation of diathermic oil.

Direct metering pumps for extrusion lines

From 10 cc./rev. to 2164 cc./rev. 2 helical gears

Table of sizes and technical characteristics FARCON’s gear pumps


Examples of realized direct metering pumps

Metering pump 63 cc/rev.

Metering pump 400 cc/rev.

Metering pump 700 cc/rev.


Spinning pumps

From 1,8 cc./rev. to 1500 cc./rev. 1 to 8 streams

Examples of realized spinning pumps

Quadruple spinning pump 1,8 cc/rev.

Spinning pump with 8 gears 1,12 cc/rev.